I Love My Anxiety

Anxiety comes in many forms, the anxiety you may feel can be completely different to the one your friend or family member may be feeling but the most important thing to know is that you a not alone…

Someday you may feel like covering your anxiety with a smile on your face or staying in bed. Well there nothing wrong with that, we all have different ways of coping.

It seems strange saying I love my anxiety but the truth is I do, it’s part of me and I wouldn’t change it. It has been a difficult journey but I’m at a place where I can say yes I love my anxiety.

What’s made it easier

Talking to Someone

So I’m a Capricorn known to be stubborn and keeping our feelings to ourselves. So yeah, you can imagine opening can be difficult for us and many others too. Over the years of building trust with my family, friends and colleagues opening up has gotten easier and it encouraged me to talk more about my anxiety and learn to live with it and love it. I’ve also realized that I’m not alone.

I guess I’ve always feared being judged and that why for a long time I kept my feelings in. But the amount of people I’ve spoken to and also said they suffer from it, has made realize that it’s normal and maybe I should embrace it.

Over the years I’ve learned to embrace it, love it and find ways to live with it through different techniques that have now become part of my life.


Mediation is something I’ve been doing for a long time, I highly recommend this and anyone can do it doesn’t matter if you have no experience at all just start now and I’m sure you will start to feel a lot more calmer, and light and happier. If you’ve tried mediation and it isn’t for you, try breathing techniques such as the 4,7,8 breathing exercise. I tend to use this a lot, and the benefits are great!

What I love about mediation, is that it allows you to acknowledge the fears holding you back, come face-face with them and then let them go.

I enjoy listening to a guided mediation on YouTube. I find guided mediation to be smoothing and increases my concentration, which makes me calmer. One of my favourite guided mediation is Your Ideal Life By Jason Stephenson. I use this meditation daily because it helps me imagine all the wonderful stuff I want in life. After doing this meditation I feel awesome and it motivates me to take action to the ideal life I want. And I’m getting there slowly but surely.

Try it, I’m sure you will love it.