My Journey With Channel 4

Manifesting my dream company and more

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated with the world of TV, Media and Advertising. But I never had the slightest idea on how I can get into this industry without going to University.


I remember going on online and seeing an event on how to get into TV and from there I just knew God was giving me a sense of direction to follow. So I did, I signed up for a free ticket and I was selected as the tickets were limited. I would say attending this event was probably the best decision I could have ever made. It truly changed the course of my life.

During the event, I was giving exposure to all different departments within Channel 4. Amazingly, I excelled within the Advertising department and I was given a certificate from this event. This certificate acknowledged my passion and my contributions throughout the day. I remember when my name got called out in front of everyone and I just knew as I was walking down the stairs that this was it. I was now going after my dream.


This year was a great year for me because I had just landed myself a one-week work experience with Channel 4 in the Manchester office. I was speechless attending my induction day and seeing the mind-blowing headquarters in London. I was so happy, filled with so much joy, this was a success. My success.

My one week experience was perfectly structured out and each day I had induction of each department starting with the Partnership team. This was one of my favourites department the day was very creative and I got to work on different creative briefs. I then did some shadowing in the interesting Trading team and I got to learn how the market is always changing and how we trade television. Both of these sessions were equipped with an exciting, colourful presentation that was just captivating. I was sold…

Lastly, I joined the Airtime team, which are responsible for setting up agency campaigns and booking the campaigns up. I remember being at home and watching Gogglebox with a nice cup of tea when I saw one of the brands I had booked on the show appear in front of my eyes. I was so happy and I couldn’t stop talking about it. My close friends now know me as ‘Miss Channel4 ‘. How cringe but what can I say I just love this company ALOT!

I really enjoyed my one-week work experience and I didn’t want it to finish, within just the week I was exposed to so many amazing stuff of the business and I even got to meet the First Dates cast. Now, how amazing is that!

I did also apply for the apprenticeship this year and unfortunately, I wasn’t successful. I remember getting the rejection email and I was so gutted and I second-guessed myself.

But I’ve always been a fighter and when I set my mind to something I have to achieve it no matter how many rejections or how long it takes me. So that’s what I did I accepted the rejection and went on to find more work experience within the TV, media and advertising industry. Which I did in 2018, I had done work experience with Channel4 and I had also secured a work experience with the BBC which was a one-day event but it was amazing and I learned a lot which contributed to my CV.


Well, I bet you can guess what happened in 2019!!!!!!!!

YES!!! I got the apprenticeship! I was so over the moon when I got the phone call that I was successful. I remember being so happy and jumping around with my manager at a student accommodation I was working at the time.

I also really enjoyed the process of the interviews. I was very chilled throughout.

So bit of background on how the interviews were conducted.

It first started with around 15 other candidates that applied and we were all brought into a room and did a group exercise. At the time my group exercise was on the topic of KFC advert using a chicken and had to analyze the advert. In teams, we then had to present back to the manager our thoughts about the KFC advert.

After the group experience, we then had to do our own presentation on something we are passionate about.

I remember my presentation like no other, I did my passion on the ‘The Secret’, the law of attraction gratitude rock. The reason why I went for this was that I am such a huge believer in the law of attraction and it has changed the way that I look at myself and others and the world I live in. Without the law of attraction and my gratitude rock, I wouldn’t be half of the person that I am today. For that, I’m super grateful for this discoverer.

My presentation went smoothly, l even had a clip of my friend that I interviewed talking about what she is grateful for. Nervously, the clip wasn’t working but this is why I say God loves me because the night before I had also uploaded the clip on my YouTube channel in case it didn’t work on the presentation day. Phew!!!! I’m glad I did that and It went well.

After the presentation, only a couple of people were kept and the rest were sent home. This was scary it was like being in the apprentice!

I then had my 1-1 interview which was chilled and I loved it very much and got to talk about my favourite shows on Channel 4 and why I wanted the job. This allowed me to dig deep and show them that this isn’t just a job this is my life and I want to work for this company more than anything.


I started on May 29th (a date I won’t forget) and since then it’s been magical. From learning new skills, presenting, having opportunities open up. Being on camera and interview senior members at Channel 4 such as Charles Mark Gurassa who is the Chairman of Channel 4. I’ve had the opportunities to meet many celebrities, take part in the workshop and most of all gain a qualification.


Every day when I wake up, I sometimes just laugh to myself because when I think of my journey it just tears me up. The burning desire I had to work for this company manifested itself and I got it through faith, belief and hard work.

When I say manifesting truly works it does because before I got the apprenticeship in the old job I used to go in every day imagining I was walking through the doors of Channel 4 instead and when I was speaking to customers and managers I would act as if I was speaking to my Channel 4 managers. It just had to happen.

I can proudly say that my journey with Channel 4 is still striving and from June 7th I will be moving out of the Airtime team and moving into the Campaign Operation department. I’m super excited about this move and I can’t wait to embark on this journey as a full-time employee at Channel 4.

If you or anyone you know is interested in getting into apprenticeships within TV, media and advertising please get in touch. You can drop me a message on LinkedIn or check out our website with more information on jobs, schemes, work experiences and apprenticeship.

Photo by Peter Fogden on Unsplash

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